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Available Downloads

ABM Extras Plugin 4D Plugin

ABM-Mac Extras Plugin v1.5.2

for 4D v2004, works also with 4D v11/v12 and v13. Some commands are currently crashing under v13, so test carefully ;-) I’m planning to update the plugin still this year to work with v14 and v15.

ABM-Mac Extras Plugin v1.8a

for 4D v14 and v15.
Please note this is an experimental build. A windows stub is not contained.

iSMTP Component - v2 Update

The component allows to send emails from within a 4D database as Text and/or html. The source for the mail can be submitted to the componenet as a simple text variable, a 4D Write Area or an external file. The component itself is using only the 4D Internet Commands from 4D and the Zip Plugin from Miyako Keisuke - Thanks. The current version also allows to attach the send mail to the Sent Messages folder of an IMAP server. Special tags can be used inside the text/html to place content of variables in the mail or even to execute methods.

Update: now also the date is written correctly to the header of the mail file, which will be copied to the IMAP Server.

4D iSMPT-Component v2 Demo v13.63
4D iSMPT-Component v2 v13.5.63
4D iSMPT-Component v2 v14.5.63
4D iSMPT-Component v2 v15.3.63
4D iSMPT-Component v12.4
4D iSMPT-Component Demo v12
Documentation for the iSMTP Component v12
Documentation for the iSMTP Component v13/14/15

iSMTP Component - v2 Old Versions

4D iSMPT-Component v2 v13.5
4D iSMPT-Component v2 v14.4
4D iSMPT-Component v2 v15.4

If you need any additional or a special build, please feel free to contact us.

Last Updated: 2016-13-13